The UCLM improves its position on research and innovation being among the 20 best Spanish universities

According to the 2015 report of the IUNE Observatory on research in the Spanish university

In its latest report on the research activity in the Spanish university system, the IUNE Observatory confirms the outstanding progress of the UCLM on research and innovation for the period 2010-2013, being among the Top 20 Spanish universities in most dimensions such as scientific activity, competitiveness in attracting research projects, the training capacity on research or innovative activity.

The University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) plays an increasingly important role in the Spanish university system outlook on research and innovation, having significantly increased its relative position in the period 2010-2013. This is deduced from the data analysis produced by the IUNE Observatory in its recognised annual report on the Research Activity in the Spanish University 2015. This report, coordinated by the Institute of Advanced Research on Science and University Evaluation (INAECU) headed by professor Elías Sanz Casado, launches its fourth edition in 2015 and has become a benchmark to analise the situation and development of the research and innovation carried out in Spain within the universities.

In the scientific activity field, the report confirms a progress of 2 positions in scientific production between 2010 and 2013, reaching the 16th position from the 18th. It is convenient to take into account that the UCLM occupied the 20th position by size (measured as academic staff) within the Spanish university system in 2010 and 2013; consequently the positions in the Top 20 in different dimensions involve to be in a superior position to which it would correspond by relative size.

In attracting national research funding between 2010 and 2013, the UCLM also improves two positions to stand in 17th position from the 19th. This progress is more significant when the number of competitive projects of the national plan are analyzed per 100 academic staff, experiencing a progress of 10 positions (from the 29th to 19th) in the last three years.

The improvement of the competitiveness of UCLM researchers is even more visible in the European context, examining the variation of the position in the attraction of research projects under framework programs of the European Union, going from 32nd position in 2010 to 18th in 2013. This progress is emphasised when this very aspect is examined per 100 academic staff, reaching the 16th position in 2013 from 40th, which is an improvement of 24 positions over three years.

The report also analyses the training capacity on research at the universities, analysing the number of dissertations presented, in which the UCLM advanced from 26th position in 2010 to 21st in 2013.
Finally, in the innovation field, the UCLM again highlights its progress among the top 20 Spanish universities, going from 23rd position in 2010 to 19th in 2013 in patents granted and reaching the 16th position in providing scientific and technological services to enterprises.

The progress made by the UCLM along these years is due to the quality and dedication of the research community, the support provided from centers and specialized units to support the research and adoption of strategic initiatives aimed at strengthening research capacities and innovation of the University. Since 2014, the UCLM has launched a Strengthening Plan for two years which represents an investment of 8, 087,068 euros aimed at strengthening these areas through coordinated initiatives by the Vice- Rectorate of Research and Scientific Politics in terms of research and the Vice-Rectorate of Transference and Corporate Relations in terms of innovation. The analysis works and monitoring of studies and reports on the university system, as it is developed by the IUNE Observatory, are coordinated from the Vice-Rectorate of Economy and Planification.

The UCLM offers 44 undergraduate degrees, 5 dual-degree programs, 3 adaptation degree courses, 33 master’s degrees and 18 Phd programs for the next academic year 2015-16 at its four campuses and six university centres. Students who have not been admitted in the first pre-registration period for undergraduate studies must apply to participate in the following processes readmission, which will be resolved the next days August 29 and September 3, provided that they had done it for the first readmission. The following pre-registration period in those centres where there are still vacancies, will be open from 14 to 21 September, while pre-enrolment at university masters can be done until September 4. The pre-registration to adaptation to degree courses may be done until September 6. The pre-enrolment for PhD programs will open on September 1.

Press Release Office, UCLM. Ciudad Real, August the 31st 2015.

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