The UCLM is included in the THE ranking of the best universities worldwide

Times Higher Education, one of the three most influential world rankings

The 2015 edition of the THE ranking has, for the first time, selected the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) among the top 800 universities in the world, occupying leading positions in Citations (571), International Outlook (612), Industry Income (661) Teaching (714) and Research (724). Within the Spanish University System (SUE), the UCLM is ranked in the 18th position among 78 universities, from which only 25 have overtaken the required score to be selected.

According to the Guide for Good Practices on the Participation of Spanish Universities in International Rankings, elaborated by the working team appointed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, the three most prestigious international rankings of the world are ARWU, THE and QS. The 2015 edition of the THE ranking, developed in London by the Times Higher Education magazine, has included the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) for the first time in its ranking of the 800 best universities in the world.

This classification is based on five pillars aimed at capturing the various dimensions that define the universities activities, such as Teaching, Research, Citations, Industry Income and International Outlook. The first three pillars have a 30% weight each, while Industry Income and International Outlook represent the remaining 7.5% and 2.5%, respectively. It should also be noted that the Education and Research pillars are based on a combination of objective and subjective information obtained from international surveys, aimed at capturing the perceived reputation of the institution in these dimensions.

The UCLM has obtained the best results on those pillars based on objective information, such as Citations (571), International Outlook (612) and Industry Income (661). The University rankings guidance of the Ministry of Education mentioned above indicates that the Spanish universities get lower scores on subjective pillars due to the Anglo-Saxon bias of the selected experts for the opinion polls.

At a national level, this ranking positions the UCLM among the top 20 universities again, being at the 18th position among the 78 universities that make up the Spanish University System (SUE, according to its Spanish acronym). Out of the 80 Spanish universities, only 25 have overtaken the criteria to be selected by THE ranking.

Times Higher Education informed the UCLM beforehand about its inclusion in the ranking last 25 August and confirmed it on 28 September, according to two communications embargoed until 22:00 hours on 30 September. Meanwhile, the Press Office, the Center for Research and Image Development (CIDI, according to its Spanish acronym) and the university television (UCLMtv) have been working on the elaboration of the contents for the permanent profile the UCLM will have from now on in portal, which receives over 2 million visits a month from students, employers, academics and leaders of higher education worldwide.

In an internal communication, the rector of the UCLM, Miguel Angel Collado, anticipated this news, stating that “the inclusion of the UCLM in this international ranking recognizes the quality of the academic institution created day by day with the effort and enthusiasm of all members of the university community, being the year of our 30th anniversary, which is a two-fold congratulating reason”.

The inclusion into this influential international ranking confirms the results offered by other rankings published in recent months, such as ARWU EXPANDED, CWTS, CWUR, ISSUE, SCIMAGO, URAP or Webometrics, which show the competitiveness of the UCLM in the national and global university outlook, and its ability to advance and improve positions.

Press Release Office, UCLM. Ciudad Real, September 30th 2015.

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