The UCLM sanctions the Plan for Institutional Strengthening 2014-2015

The chancellor of the Regional University has informed at a press conference after the Governing Council held at the Campus of Albacete

The Governing Board of the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM), gathered on the campus of Albacete, has approved the Plan for Institutional Strengthening of the UCLM 2014-2015 with a budget of 29.5 million euros, which aims to promote and contribute to its progress. The highest representative university organization also gave the green light to the draft budget for 2014.

The University of Castilla-La Mancha, after successfully facing the challenge on sustainability, undertaken in the two-year period 2012-2013 by applying different adjustment plans that involved an expenditure reduction equivalent to 24 million euros expenses, approved the Plan for Institutional Strengthening, by which the UCLM will face a new challenge, that of modernization.

This long-term strengthening plan 2014-2015 will allocate a total of 29.5 million euros to those areas that provide greater added value, contribute to the development of the institution and, ultimately, enable its progress, as the chancellor Miguel Angel Collado underlined during the press conference after the Governing Board’s council.

The Plan consists of a total of 41 activities grouped into five main areas: Teaching, Research, Services, Campus and Infrastructure. All actions have been programmed so that during the year 2014, the 30% of the total budget will be allocated, whereas in 2015 will be completed with the remaining 70% investment. The planned measures to strengthen the Teaching area are mainly based on the strengthening of the teaching capacity and increasing the budget allocated to the centres by contract-program, as well as the support to the master’s degrees, the formation of the Teaching and Researcher staff (PDI) and the teaching improvement through educational innovation.

The research reinforcement is carried out through actions aimed at the incorporation of research staff, starting up its own research plan, as well as the adaptation and improvement of the scientific-technological equipment.

The Services area, which aims to contribute to a better functioning of the UCLM through actions aimed at people, technologies and infrastructure is strengthened in services with special needs, the improvement of the qualifications of Administration and Services staff (PAS ) through the formation and unfolding of new forms of electronic interaction on Teaching, Research and Management. In this regard, it must be emphasised the provision of electronic and printed guides for libraries as part of the actions aimed at students.

The Strengthening of the campus addresses actions whose purpose is to better integrate them in order to contribute to the revitalization of the academic life. A first set of actions focuses on aspects of energy efficiency, a second group aims at improving the access to the campus and a third group of measures includes specific areas of these general services such as those aimed at improving sports facilities.

The Infrastructures area is strengthened with the increase of the spaces and infrastructures principally engaged on research in the different campuses. This amount of spaces is done largely through adaptations of existing buildings assigned by the PCYTA (according to the Spanish acronym) and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of the Regional Government from Castilla-La Mancha (JCCM).

The implementation of this plan is carried out with the additional resources provided through the agreement signed by the JCCM (according to the Spanish acronym) and the UCLM, 70%, along with the FEDER funds and attracting public and private funds for the remaining 30%. In the words of the chancellor, this Plan will drive and prepare to the University of Castilla-La Mancha to face the challenge of improving their situation within the Spanish University System.

Furthermore, the Governing Board has also given the green light to the draft budget for the 2014 year amounting to 187,606,532 euros and an increase of just over six million euros compared to 2013. Based on a balanced budget, an important part is mainly intended to current expenditure, investment, services, triggered by the implementation of the Plan for Institutional Strengthening.

Finally, and in the development of the academic activity, the highest representative university organization approved the Regulation to Contract Research Staff, which collects the current regulatory framework of the Science, Technology and Innovation Law, whereas it gives the green light to the Engineering on Telecommunication Technology, to the master’s degrees on Molecular Nanotechnology and on Musical Research and Innovation, as well as regulations of Knowledge Transfer and on Intellectual or Industrial Property.

Press Release Office, UCLM. Albacete, July 22 2014.

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