The UCLM continues with the preparatory work for the Strategic Plan 2016-2020

The meeting brought together around 250 people included Prof. Gonzalo León, a specialist in innovation and university strategy

As part of the work aimed at preparing the Strategic Plan 2016-2020, the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) held in all its campus the Second Strategy Meeting 2020 “The Innovation in Public Universities”, which has been conducted by the delegate of the rector for Strategic Programs at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Gonzalo León Serrano, in a forum open to the university participation. The event, closed last Friday at the campus of Albacete, has focused on the innovative mission entrusted to the public universities to value the knowledge generated through the collaboration with the business sector and society.

After visiting the different campus taking part in the two events headed by the rector of the UCLM, Miguel Angel Collado, Professor Gonzalo Leon spoke about his perception of these events by stating that “there has been an interest to start talking and raising awareness about these issues “, highlighting the idea that it is more important the strategic reflection than the result of the process. “We must use this consideration to let the university community know that the future lies on their hands.”

Regarding the main issues discussed at the conference, the speaker highlighted, as a key element, the internal fragmentation to which faculties, departments, centres or disciplines are often doomed. “The world does not move this way, students need an increasingly wide comprehensive formation. Research is increasingly multidisciplinary and activities have to be done together “, – he said, while insisting that universities should launch initiatives and structures to revive those hermetic spaces.

Another essential aspect pointed out by Professor Leon was “the capacity to do more things than believed”, suggesting the development of appropriate standards and fewer restrictions. Finally, he spoke about the situation at the UCLM, on which he appreciated possibilities to “establish greater synergies. I think the strategy approach should focus on the contribution to the existence of greater synergies”-he said.

Professor Leon, who has a significant career as head of the scientific and technological Spanish and European politics, also presented practical examples on innovative ways to promote innovation in connection with the business network in public universities, such as pilot plants, living labs or technology demonstrators on different themes as connected houses, future banks or smart cities.

The meetings also benefited from the presence of the vice chancellors for Knowledge Transfer and Corporate Relations and Research and Scientific Policy, Pedro Carrión and Julian Garde, respectively, who guided and chaired the discussions between attendees and Professor Gonzalo León. The vice chancellor for Economy and Planning, Manuel Villasalero, summarized the main issues addressed in each campus and encouraged participants to provide ideas and proposals that can be taken into consideration in the Strategic Plan 2016-2020, in which the Regional University has been working earlier this year.

Press Release Office, UCLM. Albacete, November 10th 2015.

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