The UCLM stands out by the employability and the highly qualified jobs of its graduates

According to two reports elaborated by the Knowledge and Development Foundation

The Knowledge and Development Foundation (FCYD) has indicated, in recent reports, that Castilla-La Mancha is, along with Catalonia, the first Spanish region in which the graduates have a higher activity rate; the second region in which the chance of having an occupation by the fact of being in possession of a university degree has increased; and the third autonomous community in which the graduates find more highly qualified jobs, only behind Navarre and Catalonia.

The University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) plays a leading role in the job creation challenge and the change of a production model within the region. This is apparent from the data analysis taken from the annual report released recently by the Knowledge and Development Foundation (FCyD), The Contribution of the Spanish Universities to the Development 2014. This report, now in its eleventh edition, is complemented by another one called The Spanish Universities: A Regional View 2014 also conducted by the FCyD providing detailed data at regional level.

The results of both reports indicate that the graduates of Castilla-La Mancha show, along with Catalonia, the highest activity rate in Spain between different regions with 84.8%. The investment in higher university education carried out in Castilla-La Mancha has the potential to become an economic activity in almost 85% of cases, exceeding 3.5 points over the national average and thus contributing to the creation of regional wealth. In addition, Castilla-La Mancha is the second Spanish region in which possessing a university degree further increases the chances of being busy, with 26.6% more possibilities compared to the overall average of the same age group.

Likewise, the role of the University of Castilla-La Mancha is indicative of the job quality and its contribution towards a production model based on the knowledge in the region, since 67.3% of graduates’ occupancy from Castilla-La Mancha is for highly skilled jobs, ranking only behind Navarra and Catalonia.

The excellent results in Education and Employability are due to the work done in the 28 faculties, 12 schools and 36 university departments, supported by strategic actions included in the Plan for Institutional Strengthening 2014-2015 allowing an investment of 4,918,330 euros in these areas in the last two years. Well supported by centres and specialized departments, such as the Academic, Quality and Innovation Department (UOACI) and the Evaluation and Academic Quality Service (SECA), ensures the quality of the syllabus coordinated by the Vice- Chancellor’s Office for Teaching, and the Information and Employment Promotion Centre (CIPE), being an intermediary in the graduates’ job placement coordinated by the Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Transfer and Corporate Relations. The works of analyzing and monitoring the studies and reports on the university system are made with the support of the Planning and Quality Office (OPYC), coordinated by the Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Economy and Planning.

The UCLM offers 44 undergraduate degrees, 5 dual-degree programs, 3 adaptation degree courses, 33 master’s degrees and 18 Phd programs for the next academic year 2015-16 at its four campuses and six university centres. Students who have not been admitted in the first pre-registration period for undergraduate studies must apply to participate in the following processes readmission, which will be resolved the next days August 29 and September 3, provided that they had done it for the first readmission. The following pre-registration period in those centres where there are still vacancies, will be open from 14 to 21 September, while pre-enrolment at university masters can be done until September 4. The pre-registration to adaptation to degree courses may be done until September 6. The pre-enrolment for PhD programs will open on September 1.

Communication Office, UCLM. Ciudad Real, July 28th 2015.

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