The ranking CYD confirms the solid positioning of the UCLM in the Spanish university system

The UCLM is above or average in 23 out of 31 areas analyzed

The second edition of the CYD ranking, elaborated by the Knowledge and Development Foundation, proves the relative positioning of the University of Castilla – La Mancha (UCLM) identifying 23 out of 31 areas in which the regional institution is above or average in the Spanish university system. The UCLM reaches excellence indicators in three out of the five dimensions such as Teaching & Learning, Knowledge Transfer and Regional Development.

The Knowledge and Development Foundation (FCYD) has published the ranking for the Knowledge and Development which, in the current year, has launched its second edition. The ranking was presented during an event held at the headquarters of Lazaro Galdiano’s Foundation, chaired by Javier Monzón, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the FCYD, with the assistance of the Vice – President of the Rectors Conference of Spanish Universities (CRUE), Julio Luis Martinez, the general coordinator of the ranking, Martí Parellada and the general director on Education and Culture of the European Commission, Xavier Prats Monné. This ranking uses the methodology suggested by U-Multirank, the relative positioning universities system promoted by the European Commission. It stands out because 5 dimensions of the university activity are taken into account, divided into 31 indicators thus providing a comprehensive view of the different university missions such as Teaching and Learning, Research, Knowledge Transfer, International Orientation and Regional Development.

Instead of establishing an ordinal universities order, the CYD ranking indicates whether the university is on the average of the Spanish university system (SUE), above or below in the different indicators, so that it determines the general positioning of each of the 60 Spanish universities included in the second edition. According to this methodology, the UCLM has a solid position being above or average in 23 out of 31 indicators analyzed, irrespective of the fact that some of them do not apply to the regional university.

The UCLM reaches indicators above-average in those included in three out of five dimensions considered, particularly in Teaching and Learning, Knowledge Transfer and Regional Development. In particular, the UCLM has strengths in areas such as Graduation Rates, the creation of Technology-Based Companies, or Income from Continuous Professional Development among others.

In this second edition, the CYD Ranking team has further analyzed, in greater depth, the Computer Science and Medicine fields, in which the UCLM also achieved a strong position, with 37 out of 44 indicators and 33 out of 45 indicators, respectively, above or average in these degrees.

Press Release Office, UCLM. Ciudad Real, June 9th 2015.

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