The ranking GreenMetric shows the sustainability commitment of the UCLM

Ranked 12 in Spain and 210 in the world

The 2014 edition of the international ranking GreenMetric indicates that the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) is placed 12th among the 21 Spanish universities voluntarily evaluated on sustainability and environment. Globally, the UCLM is positioned 210 from a total of 360 universities from 62 countries. Out of the six dimensions evaluated, the UCLM especially stands out in education and research related to sustainability and environment, in which it is nationally ranked in the first position and eighth worldwide.

The ranking Greenmetric, elaborated by the University of Indonesia in its 5th edition in 2014, evaluates the universities that voluntarily undergo a test based on 40 sustainability indicators such as the proportion of green areas on campus, the total university funds aimed at sustainability, the use of renewable energy, solid waste recycling, water treatment, the use of bicycles on campus, pedestrian access to the centres, scientific production related to sustainability and the environment, university degrees on these fields or the existence of a university website on sustainability.

These 40 indicators are grouped into 6 dimensions, in which the UCLM is globally positioned as it follows: setting and infrastructure (200); energy usage (176); waste recycling (236); use and water treatment (203); transportation within the campus (321); and education and research on sustainability and the environment (8).

Significantly relevant is the position achieved for the latter dimension, in which the UCLM is ranked in the first position in Spain, with reference centres such as the Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Biochemistry in Toledo, Faculty of Chemistry in Ciudad Real, School of Agricultural and Forestry Engineering in Albacete, the School of Agricultural Engineering in Ciudad Real, in addition to the contribution done on sustainability in other centres such as the School of Architecture, Civil Engineering or Building Engineering, among others. The UCLM is specialized in energy and environment through the Campus of International Excellence ‘CYTEMA’, formed by 16 research centres and institutes.

The representative of the chancellor for sustainability, Federico Fernández, praised these results highlighting “the cross-cutting nature of the sustainability components at a university, covering economy, infrastructure, management, research, technology, education, faculty, students, culture and international relations aspects, among others, emphasizing the need to act jointly on them to achieve a higher effective impact.” He remarked the Technological Campus of the Old Weapons Factory, where “the design of the pedestrian entrances, the use of bicycles or the existence of large green areas in the field of infrastructure are complemented by a cogeneration plant on energy and industrial water treatment in the field of water, in addition to the research and formation on environmental issues and education activities in sustainability “. Federico Fernandez also highlighted “the strong commitment of the UCLM and its administration with the challenge of sustainability, as well as calling for further progress through integrated actions, apart from being a scientific reference for the region on general subjects related to the environment, such as those regarding the situation of the Rivers Tagus and Guadiana, or the preservation of protected areas, as well as the network Natura 2000 in the region, to name but a few “.

Press Release Office, UCLM. Ciudad Real, December 11st 2015.

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