The Social Council analyzes the situation of the UCLM in the Spanish University System

A report has been presented

The Social Council of the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) held a plenary session this morning at the Campus of Albacete with the presence of its president, Emilio Ontiveros, during a session in which the professor of Applied Economics at the University of Jaén, Juan Hernández Armenteros, has presented the report on the status of the regional University in the Spanish University System. Similarly, during the plenary session they have appointed the permanent commissions of the Council.

The plenary session began with the inauguration of the new secretary post of the Social Council, Ignacio Gavira. Subsequently, the Council members were informed about the situation of the academic institution through the external diagnosis made in the context of the preliminary works of the UCLM Strategic Plan 2020, which is coordinated by the Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Jaén, Juan Hernández Armenteros, who is indicated among the best connoisseurs of the Spanish university system and author of the famous report: the Spanish University expressed in figures, which has been developed by the Conference of Rectors of the Spanish Universities (CRUE) in successive editions.

During his speech, Professor Hernández Armenteros has presented a comparative report on the situation and evolution of the UCLM regarding public universities in different aspects such as funding, educational programs offer, university demand, research productivity, relative positioning, public prices, as well as scholarships and study grants.

This external report was complemented with an internal report presented by the vice chancellor for Economy and Planning, Manuel Villasalero, in which relative aspects of the evolution over the last four years of financing and budget, treasury and financial position, strategic plans and position in the university rankings, the management and programming of EU funds and the wealth and infrastructure have been studied.

On other matters, the Social Council has appointed its representatives in the Governing Board of the regional University, proceeding to the constitution of the permanent commissions for General Affairs, Economy and Audit, which will be chaired by Angel Felpeto and Roberto Arcos, respectively. During the session the Action Plan for 2016 was also approved.

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