The GreenMetric ranking shows the progress of the UCLM on sustainability

36 positions improved to stand 174 in the world

The 2015 edition of the international ranking GreenMetric shows that the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) is ranked 11th among the 21 Spanish universities voluntarily evaluated on sustainability and environment. Globally, the UCLM is on the 174 position from a total of 407 universities from 65 countries. Of the six dimensions evaluated, the UCLM particularly stands out in education and research related to sustainability and the environment, occupying the second position nationally and 29 worldwide.

The Greenmetric ranking, developed by the University of Indonesia in its 6th edition in 2015, evaluates universities that voluntarily decide to undergo a test based on 51 sustainability indicators, regarding matters as varied as, among others: greenhouse gas emission reductions policy, renewable energy usage, the proportion of green spaces on campus, recycling and waste treatment, paper and plastic usage, the university budget aimed at sustainability, water conservation program, the use of bicycles on campuses, pedestrian access to the centres, scientific output related to sustainability and environment, university degrees in these areas or the existence of a web portal on sustainability at the University. Globally, the UCLM has advanced from position 212 in the 2014 edition to position 174, despite having incorporated 46 new universities to the voluntary assessment.

These 51 indicators are grouped into 6 dimensions: ‘setting and infrastructure’ (15% of the total score), ‘energy and climate change’ (21%), ‘recycling and waste treatment’ (18%), ‘use and water treatment’ (10%), ‘transportation’ (18%) and ‘education and research on sustainability and the environment’ (18%). There have been significant improvements in the classification in two of the 6 dimensions, that is, ‘use and water treatment’ in which the UCLM is positioned 116 in the 2015 edition, being 202 in the previous edition. On the other hand, the UCLM has advanced 32 positions in ‘Setting & Infrastructures’ moving from the 201 to the 169 position in the last edition.

As for the final positions, the UCLM ranks second in Spain and 29 worldwide in ‘education and research’. The UCLM is specialized in energy and environment through its Campus of International Excellence “CYTEMA”: an initiative of a collection of competences composed of 16 centres and research institutes that received the highest rating given by the International Commission of Experts appointed by the Ministry of Education for the purposes of evaluation and monitoring.

The Pro-Vice Chancellor for Economy and Planning, Manuel Villasalero, highlighted the progress made on infrastructure, such as the ‘campus setting’ and ‘the use and water treatment’, anticipating that “the urban proceedings in the campus, refurbishing, buildings adaptations and new construction planned for the upcoming years will contribute to significant improvements in the other evaluated dimensions such as transportation and energy usage.”

As for the Chancellor’s delegate for sustainability, Federico Fernández, has pointed out that “it is beneficial to be compared with other universities in rankings because it helps to identify and locate the strengths and guidelines to improve the management.” The results obtained in the second GreenMetric’s evaluation year “confirm that the UCLM’S position in the upper-middle range is solid and consistent, given that 12 new indicators have been incorporated and the number of universities evaluated has significantly expanded, making some progress in transportation, energy and climate change adaptation and mitigation, having room for improvement in those areas in which we have obtained the leading rating “.

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