UCLM progresses on the regional business network, U-Multirank reports

17% of improvement in two years

The new edition of the ranking promoted by the European Commission, U-Multirank, shows an advance over 17% in two years of the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM). The institution stands out in different aspects, but especially in those related to the business world such as the graduates working in the region, internships in the region, continuous professional development aimed at companies or industry co-patents. The UCLM stands at or above the average in 21 out of the 28 applicable indicators.

In this fourth edition of U-Multirank, which compares 1,497 educational institutions from 99 countries, 70 Spanish universities have been evaluated. This ranking uses 29 indicators grouped in 5 dimensions to offer a multidimensional vision of the universities: ‘Teaching and learning’, ‘Research’, ‘Knowledge Transfer’, ‘International Orientation’ and ‘Regional Engagement’.

The universities are compared to each other and classified into 5 qualitative categories, representing ‘A’ the highest grade and ‘E’ the minimum qualification, being ‘C’ an intermediate category indicating average universities. In this edition, the UCLM has obtained two ‘A’s’, seven ‘B’s’, twelve ‘C’s’, seven ‘D’s’ and no ‘E’ category, a part from a not applicable indicator. Consequently, it is on the average or above in 75% of the applicable indicators, which means an 11% improvement over the previous edition.

The UCLM stands out in aspects related to the students, such as the graduation in master studies and international mobility. In addition, it excels at issues related to the regional business network, such as the graduates rate working in companies in the region, internships in companies, continuous professional development aimed at companies or industry co-patents.

Accordingly, the Vice Chancellor for Transfer and Innovation, Angela González, has pointed out that “these results prove the commitment to achieve a greater connection with the business network to contribute to the competitiveness of companies from the University, as well as to the incorporation of our graduates in highly qualified employments”.

As for the Vice Chancellor for Economy and Planning, Manuel Villasalero, highlighted that the “UCLM has obtained 86 out of the maximum achievable 145 points in this edition of U-Multirank, equivalent to 59.3% in 2017, having reached 56.6% in 2016 and 50.3% in 2015. He has concluded by adding that “the UCLM has experimented an improvement of 13 points within these two years, representing a 17.8% advance towards the best university profile according to this ranking.”

U-Multirank project is the result of the European Commission initiative in order to have a European university ranking, adding to the Shanghai ranking elaborated in Asia, US News ranking prepared from the United States, additionally complementing the Times Higher Education and QS rankings already published in Europe in the UK.

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Press release office, UCLM. Ciudad Real, April 3, 2017